I [Heart] Clergy

I [Heart] Clergy

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Speaking of church, today I drove past a church in my neighborhood. Hanging on the chain link fence surrounding the church's playground was a sign that read: "We [heart] Our Pastors!" I smiled at the warmhearted gesture.

October is Clergy Appreciation Month. Admittedly, it sounds a little dull (the word clergy makes my eyes glaze over). But the concept behind this celebration comes straight from Scripture:

"The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching" (1 Timothy 5:17).

It's sad that we have to set aside a particular month to affirm our pastors. We should be seeking ways to affirm them year round. And Clergy Appreciation Month is a good place to start. Focus on the Family's Thriving Pastor suggests the following:

"Figure out what you can do personally to recognize and honor these leaders. A simple card, an invitation to lunch, a promise to pray for them or an offer to babysit, wash a car or mow a lawn make wonderful statements." 

So look for ways to spoil your pastors this month. How have you honored your pastor? What ideas do you have? Personally, I'm loving the banner idea...as long as the word clergy is left out of it.

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  • Comment by  kay:

    I second the suggestion to find a (small) way to support your pastor, and I think the best idea is something everyone can do: pray, pray, pray! Even better if you can ask your pastor for specific things to pray about, but if not, consider praying for his own spiritual walk, for wisdom in handling the different people and problems he's presented with regularly, for physical and emotional strength (caring for God's people is an exhausting job!), and for his relationship with his wife and children (if he's married).

  • Comment by  Nat:

    Dear anyone,

     I have never blogged before and not sure if I should ever again. I have been reading some back and forth articles on the necessity of joining and being involved in your local church. What I have found is that single men like me are always tempted to give up.

     The churches, at least around the DC area, are all competing for your money. Due to a conservative in the White House evangelical churches these days are primarily made up of conservative young couples with small kids. The husband is the government breadwinner while the wife wants to be the stay at home mom.

     The factor is the wife,too, is educated. This factor can lead to real conflict. Women are incresingly leaders today no matter what the environment. I refer people to Pete Scazzero's wonderful book The Emotionally Healthy Church and the journey this pastor took with his wife from being too spiritually minded that almost wrecked his marriage to becoming a whole pastor (emotionally, spirtually, etc.) to himself and to his congregation.

    I think Frances Schaeffer had it right years ago; the church need not be a holy huddle on Sunday mornings. Let's challenge the culture and begin to meet in people's homes instead of having giant building programs that put people in debt. Aren't we called to be wise stewards over His resources?        

  • Comment by  Tami:

    My church is big on Pastor Appreciation Month (that's what we call it), and we're always looking for new ways to honor them. One year they gathered cards from members of the congregation and presented them (in a wrapped "gift basket") to the pastors during the church service. Another year they had a nice meal for the pastors and staff. Not sure what we'll do this year... anyone else have ideas? :)

  • Comment by  ChrisKrycho:

    The church I grew up in (small and not terribly well off financially) always found creative ways to bless our pastor.  We made him a quilt one year.  Another, we did a really neat painting that all the children and teenagers in the church contributed to.  We often had a picnic to simply celebrate and spend time together as a community.  I believe we did a song for him and his wife at one point, too...  And all of those meant far more than any expensive gift ever could have.

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