On Now: Boundless' Next-Generation Focus Webcast

On Now: Boundless' Next-Generation Focus Webcast

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BoundlessShow_Facebook We're excited to bring you our first video webcast, something we're calling the "Next-Generation Focus." Click here to begin watching.

Over the course of the hour, we'll be sharing Boundless' new vision and highlighting important Focus on the Family programs such as Wait No More, Option Ultrasound, and Adventures in Odyssey.

As you watch, please consider making a donation to support the ministry:

Via text: send a text ("BP 10" to donate $10, "BP 35" to donate $35, "BP 216" to donate $216, etc. -- don't include the "quotation marks" in your text) to 27138 (see the status of text donations here).

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As you watch the show, feel free to leave your comments below. I'll be watching your comments closely, and will be passing some of them along to Lisa, who may mention them live! Yeah, that's cool. I'll also be giving live updates during the show. We're looking forward to the conversation!

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  • Comment by  PeterV:

    No sound???

  • Comment by  JenFromMA:

    It's so fun seeing you guys in the flesh! Kind of crazy :).

  • Comment by  TedSlater:

    Katie Porter serves as the manager for the Adoption & Orphan Care Initiative at Focus on the Family. The initiative's primary objectives are to raise awareness of and recruit families for waiting kids in foster care as well as provide post-placement resources for adoptive families. In her role, Katie oversees implementation of these efforts. She also has the privilege of working with orphan advocates around the country to motivate believers to take action on behalf of orphans and vulnerable children globally.

    Katie grew up in small town in Indiana and graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University. She loves chocolate chip cheesecake and spending time in the sun.

  • Comment by  Kevin:

    I tuned in just in time to see the last 5 seconds of Steve's intro -- what's the new vision as it relates to Boundless?   :)

  • Comment by  Andrew:

    Peter V: I've got sound. Not necessarily in sync, but sound none the less.

  • Comment by  TedSlater:

    Nathan Hoobler grew up listening to Adventures in Odyssey and even started his own fan website about the show before being hired by Focus on the Family. He has a degree in Media Communication from Asbury College.

    In addition to his other roles, Nathan enjoys showing fans around behind the scenes of Adventures in Odyssey. He is the producer of the Official Adventures in Odyssey podcast. Originally from Pennsylvania, Nathan now lives in Colorado Springs.

  • Comment by  Jeannie:

    The webcast is great!!! *woohoo!*

  • Comment by  H:

    I have a really bad internet connection so it keeps skipping :(

  • Comment by  Alison:

    Is this really live?  Lisa is sitting in a turtleneck sweater.  Here on the east coast we're having a heatwave.

  • Comment by  Jolynn:

    I can't get it to play.  What am I doing wrong?

  • Comment by  Meghan:

    Loved the ad for Wait No More! Great initiative. Love getting to see everyone! This should be a regular occurrence! Maybe quarterly or so? Thanks!

  • Comment by  Brian:

    Yay! This is pretty cool to see ya'll in flesh, indeed. Cool and a bit crazy.

  • Comment by  NetoMejia:

    Awesome signal, cheers from Guatemala City.

  • Comment by  Jesse:

    The audio does seem about a 1/2 second behind. Sometimes it's in sync when I go fullscreen, but not every time...

  • Comment by  Fran:

    Cool webcast! I didn't even know Focus did the audio theater version of Chronicles of Narnia before. Can't wait to check it out later :)

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