How to Join the New Boundless Blog

How to Join the New Boundless Blog

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Welcome to the new Boundless blog! Here are some helpful hints to join the community and begin commenting on posts. I highly recommend reading all 10 steps before beginning. It'll help give you a smoother experience.

1) Click "Join" at the top right-hand side of the blog.

2) Choose whether to connect via Facebook or fill out the registration form.

If you connect via Facebook, follow the steps provided. Your user name will automatically be your first initial and last name, and your blog avatar will be your Facebook profile picture.

If you register through the blog, please note our blog software does not allow for duplicate user names and email addresses. If the user name or address you enter is already in use, when you click "Join now," you will see an error on the First Name and Last Name text fields that says "This field is required." I know that doesn't make any sense because you probably did enter your first and last names, but try entering a different user name. Then re-enter your first and last names, check the Terms of Service box, and click "Join now" again. If you continue to receive an error after attempting multiple user names, email us at for further help.

3) Once you have successfully joined, click "Take me back to where I was." If you click anything else at this point, you will have difficulty finding your way back to the Boundless blog.

4) Now back in the blog, click "Add this blog as a favorite" in the right sidebar.

5) Scroll back to the top of the blog, and click your user name in the white toolbar to edit your profile and/or change your avatar.

6) Click "Edit Profile" in the top-right corner of your profile.

7) Enter whatever biographical information you'd like to share with the community. You may also change your avatar to one of our preselected options.

8) Click "Save Profile."

9) To get back to Boundless now and in the future, go to Favorite Places in the top toolbar and click "Boundless." (If you did not "Add this blog as a favorite" as stated in step 4, Boundless will not appear as one of your Favorite Places.)

10) Next time you're on the blog, click "Sign In" at the top white toolbar rather than "Join."

Congratulations and thank you for being a part of our blog! If you have any trouble joining the community or have other feedback and questions, email us at  We recognize there's room for improvement with this process, and we’ll work on it as we can.

Comments are moderated and will not appear on the blog until we've approved them. Usually you'll see your comment published in under an hour, but it may take up to a day or so during evenings or over the weekend. While we are eager to facilitate civil conversation by publishing most comments, we're inclined not to publish those that strike us as offensive, vulgar, overly personal, cynical, snarky, deceptive, disrespectful, irrelevant, redundant or unnecessarily contentious. (For more, see our Posting Guidelines.)


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  • So I've officially made the transition and am ready to rumble. ;D

  • :::High-fives MrsAshley TOF:::

  • The new website design.... wow!  I didn't think it was possible to make content less accessible than the old layout did but I stand corrected.  Martha, how set in stone is the new layout?  The dual/tri-column design for content is confusing and most experienced site designer have gone away from it.  Also, why is the masthead (the exceedingly large photo at the top of the page aka cover photo in facebook parlance) so large?  I have to scroll down almost one full page length to reach the newest site content.  If you could dump that masthead and have the site start at the "what's new" section it would be a really usable layout.

  • Glad to see other early adopters here.  I've updated all my bookmarks.  One thing I appreciate -- a separate podcast section on the main site that goes all the way back.  This integrates well with the updated search mechanism for the articles; I've noticed quite a few pop up.

  • Love the new site. Gonna miss the commenting section on the podcasts however. Loved the conversations that were on them and learned a bunch. I am a web designer so I know much is probably still in beta right now. I would recommend maybe creating a better place to categorize the awesome series' Boundless does (i.e. The Dating Series by Scott Croft (always am referring to this), The Sex Series, etc. This are great compilations and I hope they are somehow highlighted somewhere. With that out the way. I really like...

    -The new layout and branding system. I can tell you all spent a lot of time rebranding not just the logo, but icons and even had a photoshoot with some of the bloggers for new photos

    -Updated the search engine. The old one was one of the most frustrating things about the old layout.

    -Unified the focus community. I know, just by listening the podcast, that one of the most difficult issues was getting people to understand the Boundless was a ministry of focus. Now it shouldn't be a question with the top bar.

    -Divided the podcast in sections. Even though I usually listen to the whole thing, sectioning it makes it easier to find the content you need (and also makes sharing and searching for THAT content easier as well)

    Great job Boundless. Last thing I would suggest is a real welcome to the new boundless page. Like a tour of the new site with icons and everything right when you visit. That way, repeat visitors can easily find the content that were used to seeing by being shown where and new visitors can be introduced.

    Thanks a bunch Boundless. Excited for whats coming.

  • Hooray - finally the ability to have our own unique login/username! Best wishes for the new digs.

  • It is a real change... at first I got lost since I was seeing the old blog and all of a sudden it seemed my internet connection was not working, then I saw it, and left my first comment! Really exciting

  • Testing...

  • Here's hoping I created an account properly!

    Are you taking feedback into account?  I already miss the 'most recent comments' section because that's how I kept track of what conversations were currently active.  

  • Yes, Kelly-1, we want to hear feedback! I asked our Digital Media dept about having a most recent comments widget in the sidebar, and they told me the request has been noted. So it's not a feature we can add immediately, but we will keep it in mind for the future!

  • Yay, I can use my normal screen name now!   Dissapointed we can;t use our own avatars though.  I'll just stay with the default one.  

    So are the podcasts no longer going to be part of the Blog?  The topic for the boundless show episode 266 looks like its gone.  All those comments...  

  • Martha - is there a way to search for a specific  podcast segment?  I'm trying to track down someone Lisa interviewed about his book, and for the life of me, I can'f find it.

  • Rocketshipper, that's correct. The podcasts will no longer be a part of the blog.

  • Nate is back!

  • I wish we could still comment on podcasts, too. I especially wanted to re-read an encouraging comment left for me on the last podcast post.

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