How to Navigate the New

How to Navigate the New

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Thank you for your helpful feedback regarding the new via Twitter, Facebook, my last blog post and email. It's been helpful for us to understand what you like about the new site and what you miss from the old site.

Because of your comments, we've decided to continue to blog about our podcasts. You can now access the entire Biblical Dating series on the Dating page. Even this very blog post is because of a reader's request. We will continue to improve what we can, so keep the ideas coming!

Last time, I shared how to join the new blog. This time I'll point out some things to note about the rest of the site.

1) Article Topics You'll notice that we have divided all our content into three large topics: Relationships, Adulthood and Faith. But did you know that each of these topics is also divided into subtopics? For example, click on Relationships, and in the toolbar that appears below, you'll see: Community, Dating, Marriage and Sexuality. Click on one, and you'll go to articles, advice and podcasts on that subtopic, listed by most recent.

2) Why We Exist One of my favorite features on the new site is that a new visitor can now quickly learn what Boundless is and why we exist. Below the featured article on the home page is a short description of the site: "Boundless is a community for Christian young adults who want to grow up, own their faith, date with purpose, and prepare for marriage and family." Click learn more in that description, and you'll arrive to a section of the site that is a big-picture overview of Boundless. We've featured some of our best content in the areas of Faith, Adulthood and Relationships in this section (click the tabs in the top, white toolbar), so go check it out and share it with a friend who needs Boundless.

3) About Us In the footer of the home page, you'll find several links to learn about what makes Boundless tick. Check out Our Vision, Our Team, Our Values and discover what Lisa considers her favorite podcast episode.

4) Mobile Site If you have an Android or iPhone, you can access our mobile site by going to the same URL as if you were on your laptop or tablet: On the mobile site you can listen to the podcast, read recent blog posts and access content by topic.

5) Podcast If you've ever wanted to download every podcast Lisa has ever done, you can! iTunes only displays our 50 most recent episodes, but on our podcast page, you can download all 268 episodes. Spring break, anyone?

6) Focus on the Family At the very top of the site are links to other departments of Focus on the Family. Fan of Adventures in Odyssey? Pay attention to the "For Kids" link (it's for big kids, too!). College students: Check out FLI (Focus Leadership Institute). Movie-goers: Visit Plugged In for movie reviews. And if you go to the Family Store, you can shop for Christian books and music plus support Focus on the Family!

Lisa and I would also like to send out a big thanks to all who helped make this site happen. EC Group from India (shown below) helped with the development and testing for the site.

And here's Focus on the Family's Web Development Team. Back row (L to R): Jacob Champlin, Ehren Dames, Erin Blad and Cassandra Good. Front row (L to R): Carlos Marquez, Kendra Doss and William Mitchell. (Not pictured: Thomas Voss, Rachel Zoller, Barney Royalty and Evan Kittleman.)

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  • While reading the article, I noticed that iTunes carries the 50 most recent episodes. That would explain why I had all 50 of them download when the site migrated to a new platform, and how I constantly ended up with duplicates on some of the more recent episodes. That's understandable.

    One other thing I'm noticing is that sometimes I am getting duplicate emails for new posts (for example, I got six different notifications to the same address when this post was published.)

  • CPedicini, can you please email us at to further explain what emails you have been receiving and when? We would greatly appreciate it so we can maybe better track down the cause.

  • It would be helpful to have a listing of the most recent comments on the blog as we used to. When I am watching multiple blog entries, it would be easier if I could see at a glance which ones have had new comments rather than looking at each one individually.

  • Really cool new layout!! Signed up and ready to go!! :)

    btw- I'm wondering, how do I change this avatar and upload a my photo? I don't see any options...but somehow people are doing it. Help! Anyone? :)

  • kathybaptist, the only way to use a real photo is to sign in with Facebook. The other option is to use one of our pre-selected avatars by editing your profile. To do this, click your user name in the top white sidebar and then Edit Profile.

  • Finally figured out how to get signed in! :)

  • Faithful31, we're glad to have you on board!

  • Able to log in.  No issues

  • This was a fun post - how great to see the faces of the teams!

    Thank you for the podcast blog posts.  :)  Even though I can't always listen, the discussions are often quite interesting.  

    And (I think I said this elsewhere?) but I really miss seeing the "most recent comments" list, because otherwise I will never know if someone makes a comment on an older post.  

  • Kelly-1 and Lindsay H., we hear you about the most recent comments thing! Hoping to get that added to the blog at some point, but because it wasn't an out-of-the-box feature for the program we're using, it's not something we can quickly implement. We appreciate your patience in the meantime!

  • Oh!  One more suggestion.  When I post a comment, it says this:

    "Thank you, your comment requires moderation so it may take a while to appear.   "

    I would suggest changing the wording to say, "Thank you, all comments require moderation so...."

    (People unfamiliar with the Blog may feel concerned they said something specific/offensive that requires moderation, and assume we are "Christian crazies" and not come back?)  

  • Okay, another thought from me.  Any chance for a "Like" button on comments?  ;)

  • Fantastic post, Martha - and I'm loving the new Boundless!

  • Is there any way you could enable the opportunity to allow commenting on articles? I think the traffic generated might actually bring more discussion in blog posts

  • I know it's popular these days, but I'm bummed to see Focus outsource jobs that American programmers could have done.

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