Did Our Blog Kick You Out?

Did Our Blog Kick You Out?

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We have received a handful of emails from readers wondering why their username and password no longer work on our blog. The answer is your account was deleted by mistake. (Yes, we make mistakes, too!) Someone was manually cleaning up the database of bad accounts, and some good accounts were accidentally deleted. We apologize for the confusion this has caused.

To get back in the conversation, please re-create your username and password. If you have any trouble, please email us at editor@boundless.org. Thank you!

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  • Thank you for posting this, and for your kind response to my email!  I was finally able to create a new account, though I had to use a slightly modified username.    

  • Yes, thanks for the email response, Martha.  I just re-created an account, and look forward to posting comments again.

  • I hope everyone sees this!  I am starting to rebuild my 'friends' list so if you receive a new request for me, I'm the same Kelly, with a new account!

  • thanks for posting

  • how do i change my profile name?

  • Ahhh finally I am in. Big thanks to Martha :)

  • I was wondering...

  • SAlleyne, what username do you want? We can change it for you behind the scenes.

  • Whew...mine still works! On a side note though -- is it just me or is there a lot less commenting on Boundless since the switch to the new layout? It seems there aren't as many people here as there used to be...    :(

  • Corwin I certainly notice this trend. Not sure if it's the layout or what.

  • Corwin - I have also been noticing that trend.  I have never been a terribly frequent commenter, but I have definitely found myself commenting less because of the extra step of signing in.  I also find the content slightly less accessible (particularly articles), and have been less consistent in reading new material.

  • Don't you hate when someone deletes you as a friend on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Boundless and you have no idea why? ;-) But seriously, I had a former housemate delete me as a friend on Facebook; this is a guy with hundreds of friends, no warning, and I still have no idea what I did! :-s Anyways, thanks for clarifying, even for us lucky ones who survived the overzealous friend cull. :-)

  • I've noticed less comments as well, and the absence of some long-time folks from the old Boundless. I miss them :(

  • i don't think i got kicked out, but i will say that i comment a lot less because the sign-in process is so wonky. i read a post; i click sign in. i sign in with facebook. i am then taken to some random blog post about signing up to comment, and i have to navigate back to the post i was on in order to comment. it's also difficult to tell if you're signed in or not, as it still says "you must be logged in to comment. sign in or join now."

  • @Corwin and@SarahJane ...that is possibly because the new design won't let everyone register. I have tried for 4 weeks to join here and just finally got an account: after trying 4 different computers, 3 different networks, 3 web browsers, and multiple variations of a username, it finally accepted me. From a technical standpoint, I have no idea what happened; but I think there are fewer commenters because it may be difficult for some to register!

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