What I Know at 83: Episode 279

What I Know at 83: Episode 279

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Roundtable: Money-Minded

Most of us have had financial struggles at one point. Whether school debt, consumer debt, bad habits, investment losses or flat-out being unemployed, managing money and its potential woes is no laughing matter. This week’s guests have all faced financial dilemmas. They share how they finally got out of the money pit and refused to let the green stuff control their lives.

Culture: The Gospel and Jerry Bridges

It’s tempting to think of Jerry Bridges (pictured) as a precious older saint who’s served the kingdom and is now free to sit around sipping coffee and doing crossword puzzles in his advanced age. But that’s so wrong. For those who’ve read The Pursuit of Holiness, The Gospel for Real Life, Respectable Sins or any other of Jerry’s books, you know the now-83-year-old Jerry is anything but mild. And as a staff member of The Navigators for over 50 years (and counting), he knows some stuff about young adults. Here’s your chance to learn from one of Christianity’s great thinkers.

Inbox: Jesus and the Law

How many lawyers does it take to answer an Inbox question? Our listener wants to know if it’s possible to glorify God as an attorney, especially in the tricky realm of family law, so we pull two of our favorite legal dudes to the table to weigh in.

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  • --Another boundless podcast...woohoo, my weekend just got better !

  • Another pretty good podcast.  Had a few comments though.

    Lol, when the inbox question was first mentioned it made me think of that old cliché that conservative politicians major in business and liberal politicians major in Law.  I always kind of wondered why business would be more attractive to conservative leaning people than something like Law??  But I very much enjoyed the question segment, and I think those two guys gave some very good advise, and its good to get the message out that “Christian lawyer” isn’t an oxymoron ^^.

    About the tithing story that Christina (SP?) told:  I would really like to hear more information or depth on that comment.  Because honestly, the way she describes the events in the podcast, it kind of sounds very fantastical.  So, other than starting to tithe, nothing else changed in her life?  At all?  And the debt still got resolved that fast?  What happened, was the debt forgiven out of the blue, or did someone else help her with it, or did it just magically vanish into thin air?  Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% in favor of tithing and everything, but at the same time I don’t think it’s entirely accurate to teach that “if you tithe, your money problems will miraculously vanish”, which is exactly what it sounded like she said.

    So discontentment is a sin?  Maybe I’m not understanding exactly what you guys mean by “discontentment” but I would have assumed that discontentment is a feeling, not an action.  I would have thought that saying “discontentment is a sin” would be like saying “feeling depressed is a sin”.  Now there are definitely things that we do that can lead to discontentment, whereas I would say that discontentment is more the symptom of another problem than the problem *itself*.

    LOL, I just mentioned the word “awesome” back in my post on that language abuse topic, and then the guy in this podcast brings it up again.

    How do we express more reverence for God appropriately?  It seems to me that when older people say that the younger generation doesn’t have enough reverence they mean that we don’t wear the right clothes to church, or that our modern worship music is too “pop-y” and” upbeat” and “casual”, in contrast to solemn slow pipe organ hymns sung by a huge choir.    But is it really “more reverent” or is it just “more traditional”?  How exactly do we define true reverence?

  • I ditto what Rocketshipper said about it sounding like if you tithe, you'll be better off financially. I don't doubt that God worked things out pretty well for the people on the show, but she did make it sound like tithing is the ticket to success of sorts. I've tithed regularly for a long time and there have been some pretty tight times where I just didn't have enough money for bills, period. I know God says to test him, but I am cautious about using the rewards of tithing as reason to tithe. We all need to do it for obedience sake regardless of the outcome.

    @Rocketshippper- I think it probably is a sin to be discontent. I've been there myself recently and someone pointed out Philippians 4:11,12. Paul says he has learned to be content, not that he felt content. If it's a learned thing, we aren't necessarily at the mercy of how we feel.

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