Children of Divorce: Episode 280

Children of Divorce: Episode 280

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Roundtable: My Parents Divorced

Are you a child of divorce? If so, your parents’ divorce probably affected you more than you realize. Many of those outcomes aren’t recognized until you start dating and consider someone for marriage. Is it possible to overcome divorce baggage, break the cycle and chart a course for a successful future? Our panelists, each a child of divorce, say “yes.”

Culture: Does God Look Like Your Dad?

How was (or is) your relationship with your dad? How’s your relationship with God? For many of us, the way we view our heavenly Father is heavily influenced by the kind of relationship we have with our earthly dad. But pastor John Bishop, author of God Distorted, says that God is so much more. Listen in as he describes the failings we’re accustomed to in contrast to a God who meets our every expectation.

Inbox: Dress to Impress?

Her friends tell her she needs to pay more attention to her appearance if she hopes to get a date. She’s uncomfortable with making personal appearance such a high priority. Is there a balance somewhere in between? Candice answers.

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  • --Great podcast! Keep up the good work!

  • --Really like this. Surprised no one has commented much.

  • --Morey Sol I'm surprised too. This was my favourite podcast for a while, but I'm not finding much to comment on since I rambled on about the Roundtable topic on another blog post just days ago and the Inbox topic has been discussed to death here. IMO

  • --Okay, here's another comment: No, God isn't like my dad at all. My dad has a working phone number, we meet in person once a week or so, and when he speaks it's very easy for me to hear and understand what he says.

  • --The culture segment was very helpful--something I've had to work through over the past year.

  • --to chime in briefly...

    One thing that did kind of bother me in this week's podcast was when the guest author John Bishop said that his approach to christianity was a decision "to live as if the story were true".  I guess it kind of bothers me because I've heard exactly the same kind of claim made by other religions too.  In college I took a comparitive religions class and in a book we read written about Buddhism, the author basicly said "if you want to know if Buddhism is true or not, then try it for yourself and see if it is".  I guess it just kind of sounds like the post-modernist "don't worry about objective truth and just do what seems to work for you" type thing.  If you aren;t convinced that Christianity is true before you try it, then what would prevent you from just trying anything else out instead?  

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