Still the One: Episode 281

Still the One: Episode 281

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Roundtable: Going the Distance

Does anyone stay married anymore? The folks in our panel have marriages that have stood the test of time despite some bumps along the road. What does it take to do marriage for the long haul? Listen to their stories and be inspired.

Culture: Marriage Essentials

What do you really need to know heading into marriage? Susan and Dale Mathis wanted this question answered as they looked at marriage to each other after their first marriages ended in divorce. Their discovery resulted in Countdown for Couples, a handbook for those who are considering marriage and wondering if they know all there is to know.

Inbox: Until We Meet Again

They went out once, and she’s willing to go out again. But time and distance are pushing the timeline back more than he’d like. He wants to know how to stay in contact with her while he waits for date number two. Candice offers advice.

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  • --I see marriages breaking up all the time, even in the church. I have never been married, but I am quite sure that my financial problems and sexual aversion would doom it for sure. That's why I chose the celibate lifestyle.

  • --Dreamer Guy

    You are avoiding a lot of heartache by choosing the Celibate lifestyle,  Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.  You have less complication in your life but what you have chosen.  

  • --Too bad all of us men can't be like Dreamer Guy where his sex drive is all but non-existant (by this own admission in a separate thread)

  • --Exactly, MikeTime. I often feel quite lonely just because of my lack of a sex drive, even in the church.


    Actually, I have been experiencing quite a lot of heartache. We are living in a world that is obsessed with sex, and even the church is no exception. In fact, I have seen countless congregations deem homosexuality acceptable, but nobody ever pays attention to a man who never had a sex drive. They say I am crazy or demon-possessed and that I need to seek help. But it gets worse. They may be right. I recently found out that my lack of sexual desire may be the result of a psychological disorder. In a sex-obsessed world with a church that is always trying to hook up the singles, it is virtually impossible for the sexually averted to be accepted as they are.

  • --@Dreamer Guy

    You may have answered this before, but what do you do in your life and in your purpose since marriage isn't a desire? Do you mentor or do ministry work? Or something in the marketplace? Or something else. I have read many of your comments, and have never seen a real life male example of a single male that doesn't desire marriage. So, as a pretty good example of that, what does a fulfilled life serving Christ looks like for you right now?

  • --DreamerGuy,

    I don't see why your lack of libido would need "curing" unless you want it to be cured.  It may be physical, psychological, a mix, or maybe just plain unexplainable.

  • --@ramond

    Right now, I am unemployed. I have a degree but I only have the education, not the experience. A fulfilled life serving Christ would involve a permanent, full-time job in business finance, putting my God-given talents to work. I would seek out others (hopefully men only) who are also sick of the sexual pressure placed on them by everybody else. Plus, as an added bonus, being single would leave me free to travel anytime I like. I would live a comfortable free from abuse, cheating, and the fear of divorce.

  • --ramond,If you'd like another real life example, this might interest you:

  • --I'm glad to hear stories about beautiful marriages. I was also glad to see that the authors of the book referenced in the culture segment had experienced both failed marriages and a thriving one--both sides of the coin. When I think of marriage's potential, I picture my grandparents who, after more than 60 years of marriage, loved to hold hands as they sat on the couch or visited after dinner.

  • --What a brilliant podcast! I can't wipe the smile off of my face!

  • --Dreamer Guy, I just had a good conversation with a guy at church, who said the same things you often do--he has no interest in sexual relations and therefore no desire for marriage "I like having someone to come home to, like a roommate, but no more than that." And what's more, he seemed fine with the idea. Sure of who he was and happy with it, confident. I remembered you and thought, hey, he's not alone! ^^

  • --What I loved about the roundtable discussion was that you featured couples who had been married a long time and some of whom faced very difficult seasons in their marriages...yet they've honored their vows.  It was encouraging.  Thanks Boundless!

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