Lie Detector: Episode 285

Lie Detector: Episode 285

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Roundtable: Who Am I?

It's easy to believe lies about ourselves, and there's nothing that Satan would like better than to defeat us with our own negative self-talk. So how do we understand the way God sees us, and then truly believe it? This week's guests struggle with performance, anger, despair and striving, but with God's help, are climbing out of the pit of condemnation into the life of joy that God wants for all His children.

Culture: I Want to Matter

Tindell Baldwin grew up in a loving home with a Christian family. But it wasn’t enough. Tindell wanted to be popular, so she dumped her faith for a partying lifestyle that made her the center of attention and the envy of her so-called friends. But a life of booze and boys eventually caught up with her, and Tindell gave her life to Christ. She shares her story in her new book, Popular.

Inbox: Women in God’s Image

How do women, with all their emotions and inscrutable ways, reflect the image of God? One of our male listeners wants to know, so Glenn Stanton weighs in.

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  • --I have often wanted to mess around with a lie detector.

  • --I have been struggling with self-worth and identity and bad decisions that I constantly think have ruined my future permanently. I really needed to hear this week's show. Thank you,Tindell. You have a lot of wonderful advice that also benefits men.

  • --You know the inventor of the lie detector also invented Wonder Woman.  Now you know where the idea of the Golden Lasso compelling one to tell the truth comes from.

  • --The inbox question was more than a little insulting to me as a rather logical female scientist. That guy should spend time with science/engineering women if he thinks all women are emotional and irrational. Really, he should. (Rant off)

    As far as whether personality can reflect the image of God, I think it can. I have an hypothesis that God is the complete person. He is both feeling and thinking, intuitive and detail-oriented, a planner and yet spontaneous, a God who is set-apart and yet seeks fellowship. Therefore, I think it is reasonable to say that as humans, our personalities reflect facets of the image of God. Women *tend* to reflect the  emotional, intuitive feeling, tender side more, while men *tend* to reflect the hard-core analytic side more. They're different facets of God's perfect whole. That said, it's not hard and fast gender specific. Men can be very emotionally intuitive (Shakespeare, perhaps) and women can be very hard-headed and logical (Margaret Thatcher, for instance).  

  • --Yes, it is much more a matter of the way you grew up and individual personality instead of gender.

  • --It's also worth pointing out that in a survey of several thousand American women's Myers Briggs scores, women were split nearly 50-50 between Thinking and Feeling. The idea that all women are all super emotional feelers is not reflected in reality.

  • --GrinAndBarrett--LOVE Meyers-Briggs typology.

  • --ARay and GrinAndBarrett: I took the Myers-Briggs test, and I learned a lot about myself through that. It is brilliant!

  • --It isn't perfect (for example, there's no sliding scale to let you know how high or low you score on each category, introversion and shyness are treated as the same thing, etc.), but I think it's an excellent first step in beginning to understand not only your personality, but where your talents lie.

    Also, interestingly enough, that same study showed that men were more than 70% Thinkers, so the odds of a man being a Feeler are low but not unheard of, even though significantly more men are Thinkers than women. I really need to turn that study into a series of charts. I love a good set of charts.

  • --Just listening to the inbox section. God doesn't get excited about a new pair of shoes?! I can't believe that's true. :(

  • --GrinAndBarrett,

    I've often seen King David listed on these websites as an example ENFJ.  I'm not sure David ever took an online Myers Briggs test but maybe he was one of those rare feelers. :P

  • --I mean, they're not THAT rare. You're looking at 1/4 or 1/3 guys being Feelers.

  • --ARay, I found it a little bizarre that in an office staffed with women, Glenn Stanton is the choice to describe how they reflect the image of God... :P

  • --Ha! MrsAshleyTOF, my guess is because the man asking this question wouldn’t want to hear it from a woman…

    I am curious, Boundless Staff, how is the inbox question selected? Are they frequently asked questions? Unique questions that would be beneficial to the Boundless community? Timely questions inspired by current events? Some combination of all of the above and other factors? You may have already addressed this in a previous episode/blog post so I apologize if my questions are redundant.  

  • --Mrs. Ashley, I figured it was because the guy would have more credibility with a male listener. Female answering how she's made in the image of God could come off as defensive and perhaps wishful-thinking (especially when you're dealing with a guy who sounds like he really is doubting that women are made in the image of God :P)

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