Improve Your Serve: Episode 293

Improve Your Serve: Episode 293

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Roundtable: Kid Connection

If you're looking for a place to serve at church, have you considered youth ministry? Whether with infants, kids or teens, there are many opportunities for all types of giftings. According to our panel of student and children's ministry staff, you don't have to be cool or athletic to work with kids; you just need to show up. Listen in for some ideas that will inspire you to get involved with youth or wherever else the Lord may lead.

Roundtable guests (L to R): Kevin Gosselin, Jason Clark and Shonica David with podcast host, Lisa Anderson

Culture: Called to Stay

Caleb Breakey used to judge his church. In fact, he was kind of fed up with it. That's before God worked on his heart and mind, challenging him to confess his bad attitude (let's just call it "sin") and instead plug into his church and start loving people right where they were. His transformation led to Called to Stay, a book that will challenge your assumptions about church, and convince you that Jesus' love for His bride is enough to draw us to her.

Inbox: Where Are My Peers?

Church is a great place to connect, but what if you can't find anyone in your age bracket or stage of life? This is especially problematic for young adults, and our listener wants to be part of the solution for getting our peers back in the pews. Candice Watters shares some ideas.

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  • --Hehe, I agree with Kevin, part of why I love doing kids ministry is I get to be a kid myself. In a room full of energetic 3 year-olds. Most of whom are boys, which makes it all the more chaotic and intense, LOL. Awesome :-)  And also, having church people who invested in me as a kid always had a big impact on my life so I want to do the same for the kids around me. And having little ones run up randomly to me to give me a hug is always super cool :-)

  • --I understand what Caleb is talking about in distinguishing between time to go and the call to stay. For quite a while, I had been resisting God's call to leave the congregation that I had been attending for my entire life, mainly because I felt that I would be letting everybody down by leaving. But after having a good look around me, I realized that there were precious few members of the congregation who even seemed to care that I was there or had any interest in how my life was going. So I swallowed the "guilt trip" and found another congregation where several friends of mine had been going for some time. Although my life had not instantly been fixed, I had become part of something and was able to build new friendships with other members.

    For the inbox writer, I would like to say that I have been there myself. I remember when my lifelong congregation dropped the ministry for young adults. In fact, I think that I may have been the last young single male in the congregation. Although some young men may enjoy being surrounded by available young ladies, for me it was a very lonely experience. My advice: If you are all alone at church and having difficulty making social connections and few (if any) others seem to care about you personally, it is time to find a new place of worship.

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