Pastor Props: Episode 295

Pastor Props: Episode 295

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Roundtable: Join Your Pastor's Team

Pastors get a lot of negativity from churchgoers. A lot. Add to this the pressures of balancing ministry, family, personal growth and the demands of a (usually) needy congregation, and it's no wonder pastors are burning out left and right. You can be different; you can be part of a team that builds your pastor up instead of tearing him down. You can get on his radar and both contribute to and benefit from a relationship with him. But how? Well, we'll tell you.

Culture: Are You All In?

Mark Batterson is weary of what he calls "The Inverted Gospel" the idea that instead of following Christ, we've invited Him to follow us. Convinced you would never do such a thing? Well, how do you prioritize your time, money, talents   even your heart? Have you told God you'll follow Him whatever the cost? Mark argues in his newest book that going first "all in," then "all out" for Christ is the best decision you'll make, and the only way to truly live. 

Inbox: What Does My Pastor Need?

You want to show your pastor you care, but don't know how. How do you encourage a guy who's busy, surrounded by people almost 24/7, and doesn't really know you that well, if at all? Andrew Hess has some ideas, including a recommendation to download Focus on the Family's Guide to Clergy Appreciation Month

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  • Thanks for the podcast, and for posting the link to the CAM Guide.  

    It was good that Batterson brought up the law of sowing and reaping.  I know some people abuse that passage.  And, maybe that's why some others shy away from it.  But, it's certainly relevant.

    My pastor is married, and I have enjoyed getting to know his wife as well.  

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