Some Years Are Just Like That

Some Years Are Just Like That

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I’m not normally super conscious of New Year’s Day. It comes. It goes. I find that new seasons in life are more likely to be attached to events than dates.

But I will never forget New Year’s Eve 2001. I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to see a year end as I was that one. Let me just run down the “highlights” for you.

  • 2001 began with a root canal.
  • Then my long-distance boyfriend broke up with me over the phone.
  • Then I had to replace the front axle of my 1991 Honda.
  • That was all before tax day, which was when I discovered that I owed $700 in taxes when I was expecting to get a refund.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the details, but suffice it to say that the whole year was pretty much like that.

  • Sept. 11 of that year was a tragedy for the whole nation and left most of us feeling raw for a while.
  • And then there was the most stressful work project I'd encountered so far in my career (which amounted to all of two years in length at that point).
  • The year ended with a move. (I hate moving!)

By the time New Year’s Eve rolled around, I was so relieved to put that year behind me.

In Hindsight

You know what?

I met my husband in 2001. I just didn’t know yet who he would turn out to be in my life.

And that stressful work project ended up being a defining experience, not only for my career, but also for my work relationships and my life’s calling.

It’s good for me to remember as we head into another new year that God’s mercies are new every morning. And that He is always taking life’s junk and turning it into something beautiful.

What kinds of new beginnings are you asking God for in 2014? And what do you want to see Him redeem from 2013? 


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  • --I'm so ready for a new year, and I'm really hoping and praying it will be better than this past one.  This year has just been hard. Not tragic, by any means, but really hard.

    Most of it has been work stuff - my *entire* team left in the spring, leaving me to hold things together for months until we were restaffed. And when all of that rehiring shook out, guess who got passed over for all of those promotions? Yep. Add the chaos of figuring out how an entirely new staff will function, and a December project that didn't quite go according to plan (and the blame that came with it), and it's been a really crappy year at work.

    Then, in October, another driver blew a stop sign and the resulting wreck totaled my (paid-for-but-not-worth-much) car, so it's been three months of insurance, medical bills, finding/buying a car, and working a previously nonexistant car payment into the budget.

    Throw in a plumbing emergency, more sickness than I'm used to enduring (um, stress anyone?), and a year-end, 8-week bout of bronchitis, and it just feels like I keep getting kicked when I'm down. I'm more than ready to bid good riddance to 2013.

    While some of this stuff is just life, I have to believe that others are happening for some sort of reason, and I really hope that I can start to understand some of it in the coming year.

    I'll also confess that in 2014, I'd like to have some actual WINS - not just no more losses (or kicks, as it were).

  • --I'm ready to be done with this year.  My dad had a health scare.  My mother-in-law rather unexpectedly passed away which in resulted in a falling out with my father-in-law (his choosing, not ours).    And just everyday stress of having small children, work, etc.

    I have started in towards making some (hopefully) good friendships, which I hope to continue next year.  And our oldest two will be entering kindergarten and preschool which is sure to change things a little.  

  • --I almost want to believe that 13 really is an unlucky number. At the beginning of 2013, I attended my commencement, and now I am an unemployed boomerang child approaching 30. So this year has been a major disappointment for me.

  • --2013 was actually a pretty good year for me.  It started out a little rough, but ended as one of the best years I've had in a long time.  I hope the wonderful-ness of 2013 continues through 2014 and beyond!  God gets all the glory for that; I couldn't even have imagined some of the things that I've been blessed by over the past year.

  • --2013 was a quite good year in many ways, but it was also a hard year. The 2nd half of the previous year had been quite horrible, and I spent most of 2013 working through those experiences. My hope is that 2014 is a restful year, but only God knows what it holds, and he will be there with me regardless.

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