A Fresh Start: Episode 309

A Fresh Start: Episode 309

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Roundtable: Working It All Out

With each new year comes a firm resolve to get healthy. That resolve tends to fade by, oh, January 5th. Not this year. Featuring folks who have battled the workout monster and won, we discuss fun, effective and attainable (finally!) ways to get active in the new year.

Culture: Can You Retire?

Do you fear retirement? Worse, are you ignoring it altogether? That’s a no-no, says debt and savings mastermind Mary Hunt. If planning for retirement seems overwhelming to you, Mary uses a few stern words alongside principles from her book The Smart Woman’s Guide to Planning for Retirement to show us all (men, too) the top things we need to do right now to plan for our financial futures.

Inbox: Savvy Singleness

We’re all single at some point in our lives, so why not live this season to the fullest? The question is, how do we do that? Candice Watters offers some comprehensive advice.

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  • --Lisa needs to do standup she's simply hilarious.  The Facebook app hahaha

  • --I find that the biggest obstacle to my working out is that I have trouble making myself work out *for the sake of working out*.   I much prefer to get exercise while doing something else.  For instance I used to work as a custodian at my church, which involved moving and setting up heavy tables and chairs, and moving furniture and stuff like that around every day, and that was a lot of exercise.  I like taking my dogs for a walk around the neighborhood with my dad often too, or playing some kind of sport with the other people in my church group (back when I could actually go).  But making myself just run in place on a machine for X amount of minutes a day is something very hard to get myself to do.  Part of me actually feels like its “wasting time”.  Or maybe it’s just that I don’t like exercise ^^.  I can only tolerate it if I get it as the side-effect of doing something else.  I’m not likely to go for an extended multi-mile walk/run just for its own sake…but I probably walked several miles a day when I was on vacation in new york or when I recently went to Florida and visited Universal Studios.   So knowing myself, I think its unlikely I will get much exercise unless I can find a job or fun activity that I can do regularly that will get me exercise as a side effect ^^.

    I also don’t have anyone to exercise with.  There is my Dad, but he’s much much older and can’t do as much strenuous stuff as I could.  We walk together sometimes but not for very far or long.  And I don’t really have many friends outside my family, except one guy I go to Waterworld and Six Flags with during the summer.  I wish I did have someone I could exercise with.

    Lol, totally random comment, but Mary Hunt in the 2nd segment sounds like Maureen McCormick to me.

    The housing issue is the thing that worries me the most.  These days there is no guarantee (there really wasn't any guarantee before either, but now especially!) that you will be able to sell your house for more than you bought it for, and the idea of having a loan that spans *decades* is really scary for me.  Its an extremely big commitment, and I can’t predict how things are going to turn out even in just a few years, so it makes me even more worried to take on such a long commitment.   At the moment I feel like I would only be truly comfortable buying a house if I were able to just buy it outright or make a very large down payment on it at the start to reduce the loan time as much as possible.  But I also realize that unless I win the lottery, I probably won’t ever have enough money on hand to buy a house *outright* and that just makes me more depressed at the reality of just how expensive it is to just *live*.  I am distinctly aware of the fact that, if I wasn't still living at home with my family, that I probably wouldn’t be able to afford to live at all on my current salary, but I have no idea what job I should get beyond this, and it seems my only current prospects that have come up recently are jobs that would pay *less*.    Oh, and also, even if you own your home, that doesn’t necessarily free you from having to make payments on it.  You may not have rent or a mortgage…but don’t forget about property taxes!

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