You Know You're a Church Kid If ...

You Know You're a Church Kid If ...

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OK, if you grew up attending church, you need to read this. Right now.

In “20 Signs You Grew Up a Church Kid,” mom and pastor's wife, Becki, provides a walk down memory lane, featuring Psalty the Singing Songbook, McGee and Me, DC Talk and flannelgraph. In addition, her list of signs you're a church kid include knowing what a sword drill is, owning a Precious Moments Bible and being able to sing the lyrics of Michael W. Smith’s “Friends Are Friends Forever.” 

When I posted this on my Facebook page, it was immediately overrun with comments by fellow “church kids,” exclaiming that they could totally relate. Not only that, but people obviously had good feelings recalling their childhoods in the church (even those who maybe aren’t as fond of the church nowadays).

I think we forget that growing up in a Christian family and attending church regularly is its own culture with its own quirks, music, entertainment and craft projects. It's a culture that shapes us indelibly. But it’s also a privilege to grow up in the family of God, surrounded by those who spur us on in our faith and celebrate our victories. Those who model for us what it means to love God and live out His purposes. And those who pave the way for our own spiritual journeys. 

The church culture is much more than bracelets and Bibles and “witness wear” T-shirts (remember those?). It’s a living, breathing organism that is an expression of Christ to each other and the world. Like the author of this list, I’m thankful for my Christian upbringing. And I urge you, along with her, to:

"Sit back, pop in some Steven Curtis Chapman or Geoff Moore and the Distance, throw some cocoa in your dad’s Promise Keeper’s mug, and enjoy this trip down memory lane."

And after you're finished having a chuckle and tallying your score, thank God for the privilege of growing up in His family and for the wonderful people who He used to contribute to the person you are today.  


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  • --So true :) I just found Psalty the Singing Songbook fb page and all because my brother found it 1st. Yup we where very blessed to have Christian up bringing, here is a thank you to all the Sunday school teachers, youth group leaders pastors. Thank you people for sharing your life and time with us, encourages us to do the same today. Great post Suzanne :)

  • --Funny stuff.  Having been in church from birth on, pretty much familiar with everything in the blog post.  No worries if you were not a church kid, though.  My own dear husband was saved in college and he is a wonderful man of God.  

  • --I guess it depends on the church you grew up in, because most of these don't apply to my childhood church experience, lol. I knew about them thru other kids' churches.

  • --I'm pretty sure I still have both the addresses on the end of Adventures in Odyssey memorized. Also, did anyone else here get Brio growing up?

  • --Catherine, I read Brio and even applied to be the Brio Girl one year! Adventures in Odyssey is also great!

  • --I not only read Brio. I wrote to Susie Shellenberger and asked her how I could get a job at the magazine (when I was in high school). She wrote me back a personal letter outlining her experience and education and giving me tips on how to pursue a career in magazines. After graduating college, I had the privilege of working as an editor for Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. magazines and seeing Susie almost every day. Isn't God cool? I miss Brio and Breakaway. (And did anyone ever read CCM and Campus Life?)

  • --I grew up in the church & I scored 3.  :-)  Interestingly enough, I work for the company that recently acquired Susie Shellenberger's current project, Sisterhood Magazine.

  • --Catherine, yes! Vancouver BC, B6B4G3. My church wasn't much into youth groups or CCM or magazines. But lots of books and yes, those badly animated Bible stories. Did anyone else watch Superbook or The Flying House? Frank Peretti's adventure series, anyone? And that one series on was always about a young person who came in contact with the missionary in the course of the story. I think our church owned about 20 of them, and my brother and I read them all, our favorites multiple times. Those were the days.

  • --I remember the flannel boards and figures, but there was a whole lot more Veggie Tales than Psalty in my upbringing. I was raised on some other Christ-centered franchises that time forgot.

  • --As I didn't grow up in America (indeed, I have never lived there), none of these apply to me.

  • --Oh, the memories!  I can say yes to many of the things in this post.

    Pomona, California.  I, too, memorized the Odyssey addresses as a child because I listened to episodes so often.  I'm glad it's still around so my nieces and nephew can enjoy and grow from them too.  

    Ria, yes, Flying House, and Super Book were part of my family's Saturday morning viewing when I was young.

    Dreamer Guy, by the time Veggie Tales came out I was about 11.  However, I did still enjoy them :)

    It's great that programs like A.I.O. and Veggie Tales are produced well, and provide excellent moral lessons.

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