• Given New Life

    Spring is nature's way of reminding us that we are given new life through the resurrection of Christ.
  • What Are Your Non-Negotiables in a Spouse?

    "Well, he needs to be _______ and enjoy ______." "She needs to have an interest in _______ and is willing to _______."
  • Time to Say Goodbye

    This is my last regular blog post at Boundless. And that's a time for thanks and parting thoughts.
  • Getting Free From Your Old Identity

    Unless you've spent your entire life being popular and well-loved, there's a good chance you can relate to this story.
  • Is Your Heart on Hold?

    I’ve experienced desert seasons in my dating life and seasons of abundance. And both seasons require the same thing: keeping your heart open and expectant.
  • Your Turn: How Jesus Saved My Long-Distance Relationship

    To give my long-distance relationship the greatest chance to succeed, I began to shape our dating around the selfless love God the Father and His Son had while Jesus lived on earth.
  • Standing Up for Femininity

    Actress Kirsten Dunst recently caused a stir after she made some comments during an interview about femininity being undervalued.
  • The Family Project: Episode 324

    God’s redemptive plan for your family, plus Tim Sisarich tackles family brokenness, and a couple doubts they can reach their wedding day without having sex.
  • Fuel Your Relationship With Good Questions

    If you’re looking to grow your relationship and find clarity on marriage potential, questions are a great way to go deeper.
  • New Documentary 'Irreplaceable' Reclaims Conversation About the Family

    Focus on the Family has partnered with Fathom Events to show the Irreplaceable documentary in more than 700 theaters nationwide on Tuesday, May 6.
  • Engagement Stories: Emilie & Jordan

    Prior to ever meeting Jordan, I had never dated. At the time, I felt somewhat hopeless thinking about my future husband.
  • Does the Bible Give You Heartburn?

    Holy Week is here. So first, I need to tell you my favorite Palm Sunday story ever.
  • Your Turn: Cleaning House

    There, as I let that book go, another part of me died — my plans, my dreams, my goals. But as more of me dies, I have a greater capacity for True Life, Jesus in me.
  • It's Complicated: Episode 323

    Truth and grace for same-sex attraction, plus the science behind a hookup culture, and is the Boundless event a realistic place to launch lasting relationships?
  • Joy Eggerichs Bringing Tigers to Pursuit 2014

    A video from Joy Eggerichs, a speaker at Pursuit 2014, explaining why you need to come to this conference for single young adults Aug. 7-9
  • How to Choose and Use a Life Verse

    Life verses become the ones we live by and strive to follow. They encourage growth in our walk with God.
  • Comparison Is the Thief of Joy

    My story is mine, and I’m learning to trust God to do His work in my life in His timing. And your story is yours.
  • Should a Guy Pursue a Great Girl to Whom He Is Not Attracted?

    Would it be wise for a guy to ask a girl out even though he's not attracted to her yet knows she is a quality person, mature in her faith?
  • Learning What You're Really Like Is Priceless (but Painful)

    In "The Reason You're Not Married (Might Be Looking You in the Mirror)," I suggest this exercise to single people as a means of realistically assessing what they bring to a potential marriage.
  • Your Turn: Why Can't I Just Die?

    If it's between doing something Jesus' way and doing something my way, I find that I choose my way more.
  • For Such a Time As This: Episode 322

    Claiming Jesus in a secular culture, plus Nabeel Qureshi chronicles his journey out of Islam, and a listener isn’t attracted to the Christian girls he knows.
  • Matchmaking 101

    If friends or family have set you up with someone, what was your experience like?
  • Leading a Lifestyle of Purity

    As I approach the final two months before my wedding, maintaining purity is on my mind more now than ever before.
  • The Greatest Christian Dating Book of a Generation?

    Love it or hate it, agree or disagree, I Kissed Dating Goodbye left an indelible impression on Christian dating.
  • Engagement Stories: Nicole & Chris

    During this process, I remember praying, "Lord, I am done looking for love. You know my desires to be married someday, but now I truly give them to You. I ask for Your perfect timing and not mine. You, Lord, have the key to my heart."