• Do Independent Women Scare Men?

    The single women around you may be wearing high heels, paying a mortgage, getting promoted, applying for grad school and talking too much about their next manicure.
  • What Wisdom Is, and Isn't

    Where Solomon went wrong, and where some of us are too.
  • Do It For Steve

    It's quite a challenge. A silly one, some might argue, but it remains a challenge nevertheless. And together, shoulder to shoulder, we can -- and should -- take it on. Let me explain.... No, there is too much. Let me sum up. In March Steve...
  • You Should Know

    What would you like to say to the opposite sex?
  • 'In 20 years no one will admit they were part of that'

    Standing up for marriage as God designed it, that is. Will that prediction come true?
  • Baby Boom

    As singles we may not be in a position to decide when we want children and how many, but having a biblical view of children and family is important regardless.
  • Killing Prince Charming

    Essentially, what we are looking for may not exist. And if it does, it may not even be the best thing for us.
  • No Prospects in Sight

    The obvious answer to both of these situations seems to be: Get out and meet more people. But what comes after that?
  • Is Boundless Biased Against Guys?

    Does Boundless tend to favor the feminine perspective, even just a little? Or do the male readers simply need to lighten up and quit shirking their responsibilities as, well, men?
  • Thou Shalt Not Become Ugly

    I’ve found nothing in the Bible to suggest that God requires women to be beautiful.
  • The Bachelor Syndrome: Too Ingrained to Change?

    Do you think that singles, male or female, become more resistant to change as they get older?
  • What's Hair Got to Do With It?

    As single women seek to attract a husband, it might be good to know that most guys prefer women with longer hair.
  • Young White Evangelicals Less Republican

    Pew Research has some interesting data on a shift among young white evangelicals away from the Republican party. Here's the gist: White evangelicals are typically analyzed as a group, but an examination of the younger generation (those ages 18-29...
  • My Bra is Not Your Business

    Lisa gripes about the inappropriateness of the latest Facebook campaign.
  • Where's Your Motivation to Marry, Guys?

    Too often I hear stories of guys acting like they have all the time in the world to evaluate their marriage options. What are you waiting for?
  • 'The Girl That I Marry Will Have to Be ...'

    The girl that I marry (or the guy that I marry, as befits your gender) will have to be ... what? Name the qualities you look for most in a future spouse.
  • Looking for a Virgin, Part 2

    What is the proper way for Christians to respond to this issue once it hits a relationship?
  • Miracle on Matrimony Street

    Even when we (or our parents or society) think the odds are stacked against us, the evidence shows that God cares about making good marriages.
  • Help, I Need to Clarify!

    Well, talk about getting caught in unexpected circumstances. My recent post, “Help, I’m on a Date and Can’t Get Out,” engendered a lot of discussion based on incomplete information — and it’s all my fault. While...
  • It's Constitution Day

    It's not one of our better known holidays. But it should be, especially by Christians.
  • Real People

    Don't put too much stock in a person's "qualifications."
  • You Probably Don't Have 'The Gift of Singleness'

    This topic has been hashed and rehashed for centuries, and I hesitate to bring it up again. I don't want to open wounds or incite contention. I don't want to hurt anyone or lead them to feel condemned. For no particular reason, though, I found...
  • Real Men Initiate

    Most men are called to prepare for marriage by growing in the kind of maturity that means fearlessly facing their rejection. And this doesn't mean just once.
  • Does Religion Oppress Women?

    Simply because I acknowledge that I was created for different roles than my brothers does not mean that I am a lesser than.
  • You Want to Go Where, to Be a What?

    While the "Mommy Wars" rage between at-home and at-work women, consider a new twist: the stay-at-home wife.