• Marriage Preparation is Heart Work

    There is a huge test we should keep before us on the road to marriage.
  • Is Early Marriage Really a Good Idea?

    I'm pro-early marriage, and I'm pro-mature Christian. I don't think the two need to be mutually exclusive.
  • Lie Detector: Episode 285

    The challenge to rest in our true identity, plus Tindell Baldwin’s quest for popularity, and a question about women reflecting the image of God.
  • Suiting Up Modestly

    The evolution of the women’s swimsuit is one place where there has been a visible shift away from modesty.
  • The Difference Between Masculinity and Femininity

    What did God have in mind when He made a woman feminine and when He made a man masculine ?
  • Leaving Space for Someone Else

    Do you have room in your life for someone else? Even if you aren't currently dating, have you left enough room to allow for the possibility of even meeting a significant other?
  • Engagement Stories: Jess & Tien

    Two years of Skype dates, prayers, tears, him visiting Japan, me visiting home, an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster later ... we were both finally ready to make it official.
  • When Things Go Wrong

    Sometimes it takes a bad day or a bad week to force us into humility.
  • Not Your Soul Mate

    Hannah doesn't believe her husband is her soul mate.
  • 10 Online Dating 'Don'ts' for Men and Women

    You think you're an expert at online dating? Think again.
  • Listening for God's Voice

    Whether you are facing a relationship struggle, a career struggle, a financial struggle or something else, God will speak to you and guide you as you seek Him above all the noise of worldly voices — including your own.
  • Understanding Men: Episode 287

    A girl’s guide to right relationships with men, plus Dr. Tony Evans defines a kingdom man, and a guy asks if being opposite or similar is better for marriage.
  • What's Your Motivation?

    It's a question actors often ask about their characters. It's also a question that shapes your choice of career.
  • A Revealing Question for Dating

    If the ultimate goal of dating is marriage, then we should at least have an idea of what kind of marriage we desire when we begin dating.
  • Missionary Dating: Episode 284

    Exploring the slippery slope of dating unbelievers, plus a challenge to give out of our excess, and a question about marriage between two non-Christians.
  • Being a True Friend

    Sometimes it means saying things your friend doesn't want to hear. And sometimes it means being willing to hear them.
  • Embracing Imperfection in Relationships

    The beauty of love is being able to see the faults of someone else yet loving that person despite themselves and their faults.
  • Boundless Goes Bowling

    Can you picture someone you know being in this bowling league? If so, why not tell them about Boundless?
  • What's the Point of Freedom and Democracy?

    Are they good things in and of themselves, or should they serve a higher purpose? There's no better time to think about it than Independence Day.
  • The Value of a Steady, Simple Life

    Maybe no one outside of our family ever knew his name, but his example of faithful service is the legacy he left. In a culture that values fame and fortune, I’m thankful for my grandpa’s quiet life.
  • God's Comforting Presence in Disappointment

    Thankfully, our heavenly Father is so much more patient and tender than I, as a human father, am even in my very best moments.
  • Understanding Women: Episode 286

    Self-described “underdogs” get into the dating game, plus insight on being a kingdom woman, and the balance between trusting God and searching for a mate.
  • I've Never Dated: Episode 282

    Questions and concerns from those who have never dated, plus a chat with singleton Joy Eggerichs, and a listener is frustrated that his life is in turmoil.
  • Awkward Christian Dating Advice

    Have you ever received some awkward, strange or just downright bad dating advice? It's helpful to remember the advice-giver usually means well.
  • The Disaster

    Life is full of heartache and tough, uncontrollable circumstances. Read my personal and recent account of going through one of these moments and how I am surviving.