• Boys, Please Don't Leave My Daughter Waiting

    When she was a little girl, everyone told her that he was coming — that she would grow up, and he'd just be there, waiting for her.
  • Your Turn: When God Plays the Long Game

    Here's what happened when God didn’t give me what I thought I wanted.
  • Date Ideas on a Budget

    When Josh and I first started dating, we had some pretty amazing dates. Fancy dinners, weekend trips to visit family in the Bay Area and Southern California, lots of movies and coffee. Now that we’re trying to save as much as we can for our upcoming...
  • Manhood Worth Modeling: Episode 321

    The marks of a true gentleman, plus Dr. Tony Evans explains the kingdom of God, and a listener battles angst over getting his girlfriend’s parents’ blessing.
  • Money-Saving Tips for Coming to Pursuit 2014

    Tips for getting the most bang for your buck at Pursuit 2014: A Boundless Experience
  • The Generational-Pride Trap

    The sin of pride can take a lot of forms. Here's one you may not have thought of.
  • Engagement Stories: Whitney & Nathan

    "I had always thought online dating was not for me. However, I had a few bad dating experiences, and I was willing to do anything to meet a good, godly man."
  • Pick a Country, Any Country

    What country are you going to take into your heart and start praying for?
  • Five Signs You're Dating a Fixer-Upper

    How do you know you're involved with a person whose life is structurally unsound?
  • Your Turn: Making Peace With My Singleness

    How I learned to feel content in this season of life and learn that my wholeness doesn’t depend upon another person.
  • Red and Yellow, Black and White: Episode 320

    Navigating life as a racial minority, plus Trillia Newbell on God’s plan for diversity, and a listener vents about his girlfriend’s enthusiasm.
  • Engagement Stories: Amy & Josh

    A dear friend of mine introduced me to Boundless during my first year of college. I was hooked immediately.
  • Our Behind-the-Scenes God

    God's faithfulness in the past always points to His faithfulness in the future.
  • Practical Ways to Trade Your Fairy Tale

    If you’re waiting for a spouse, and wondering how to adopt a wise and balanced perspective in the meantime, consider these three practical suggestions.
  • Your Turn: Running Blindly Through Life

    We can and should plan for the future and hope these plans come to pass, but in the end, we need to trust in God's plans.
  • Roots and Wings: Episode 319

    Commitment and flexibility as a single, plus Allison Vesterfelt road trips across America, and can a Facebook friend request be issued with wrong motives?
  • She Doubted Her Decision, But Still Said Yes

    Facing the gravity of committing to love someone as Christ loves us
  • In Sickness and in Health

    Few people think about suffering when choosing a mate, but they probably should.
  • Food for Thought

    I’m learning that there are so many ingredients (chemicals) in our foods that do absolutely nothing beneficial for our bodies.
  • Start an Encouragement File

    Encouragement is contagious. Those who give the most encouragement often receive the most encouragement.
  • Your Turn: Why I Adore Lent

    From the ashes on Ash Wednesday to the candles on Holy Saturday, the season captures me in a way nothing else does.
  • What's Eating You?: Episode 318

    When eating disorders rule your life, plus Priscilla Shirer unpacks the unlimited ability of God, and a listener wants guidance in dating a former drug addict.
  • Waiting for the Right Time

    If you're waiting for the right time, the right time will fly right by you.
  • Welcome, Anthony!

    Boundless welcomes new staff member Anthony Ashley to the team.
  • You Can't Afford to Date That Fixer-Upper

    If you've started looking closely at your significant other and realize that you're involved with a disastrous fixer-upper, know this: It's OK to walk away.