• The Generational-Pride Trap

    The sin of pride can take a lot of forms. Here's one you may not have thought of.
  • Engagement Stories: Whitney & Nathan

    "I had always thought online dating was not for me. However, I had a few bad dating experiences, and I was willing to do anything to meet a good, godly man."
  • Pick a Country, Any Country

    What country are you going to take into your heart and start praying for?
  • Five Signs You're Dating a Fixer-Upper

    How do you know you're involved with a person whose life is structurally unsound?
  • Your Turn: Making Peace With My Singleness

    How I learned to feel content in this season of life and learn that my wholeness doesn’t depend upon another person.
  • Red and Yellow, Black and White: Episode 320

    Navigating life as a racial minority, plus Trillia Newbell on God’s plan for diversity, and a listener vents about his girlfriend’s enthusiasm.
  • Engagement Stories: Amy & Josh

    A dear friend of mine introduced me to Boundless during my first year of college. I was hooked immediately.
  • Our Behind-the-Scenes God

    God's faithfulness in the past always points to His faithfulness in the future.
  • Practical Ways to Trade Your Fairy Tale

    If you’re waiting for a spouse, and wondering how to adopt a wise and balanced perspective in the meantime, consider these three practical suggestions.
  • Your Turn: Running Blindly Through Life

    We can and should plan for the future and hope these plans come to pass, but in the end, we need to trust in God's plans.
  • Roots and Wings: Episode 319

    Commitment and flexibility as a single, plus Allison Vesterfelt road trips across America, and can a Facebook friend request be issued with wrong motives?
  • She Doubted Her Decision, But Still Said Yes

    Facing the gravity of committing to love someone as Christ loves us
  • In Sickness and in Health

    Few people think about suffering when choosing a mate, but they probably should.
  • Food for Thought

    I’m learning that there are so many ingredients (chemicals) in our foods that do absolutely nothing beneficial for our bodies.
  • Start an Encouragement File

    Encouragement is contagious. Those who give the most encouragement often receive the most encouragement.
  • Your Turn: Why I Adore Lent

    From the ashes on Ash Wednesday to the candles on Holy Saturday, the season captures me in a way nothing else does.
  • What's Eating You?: Episode 318

    When eating disorders rule your life, plus Priscilla Shirer unpacks the unlimited ability of God, and a listener wants guidance in dating a former drug addict.
  • Waiting for the Right Time

    If you're waiting for the right time, the right time will fly right by you.
  • Welcome, Anthony!

    Boundless welcomes new staff member Anthony Ashley to the team.
  • You Can't Afford to Date That Fixer-Upper

    If you've started looking closely at your significant other and realize that you're involved with a disastrous fixer-upper, know this: It's OK to walk away.
  • The Boundless Mixed Tape

    Remember back in the day, before Spotify and Pandora and even iTunes, when you made your friends or significant other a mixed tape or burned them a CD of your favorite songs?
  • Your Turn: We Want to See You Flourish

    God has created humanity to flourish.
  • Good Work: Episode 317

    Working with integrity and excellence, plus Carolyn McCulley on women in the workplace, and a question about a Christian response to astrology.
  • Love Worth Fighting For, Part 2

    Six important principles embedded in 1 Peter 3:7 for husbands to recognize and follow.
  • Closure After a Tough Breakup

    Recently, some Boundless readers have written in to tell us of the heartbreak they experienced after a breakup. I noticed that a few letters from guys had something in common.