• Engagement Stories: Denise & Andrew

    Denise Morris, a past Boundless contributor, shares her story of long-distance dating, a surprise proposal and making plans for the future.
  • Your Turn: Did My Single 20s Have Purpose?

    Because of His Word, I know God was at work in my life while I was single, just as He is now that I’m married.
  • Will the Real You Please Stand Up?: Episode 316

    Balancing authenticity and holiness, plus Peter Hubbard dives deep to address same-sex attraction, and a listener wants to discern the marks of a true friend.
  • Early Marriage and Fatherhood an 'Alternative Lifestyle'?

    Being a young husband and father earns gold medalist David Wise the label of being "wildly uncool." But is that a bad thing?
  • Love Worth Fighting For, Part 1

    My fiancé and I attended the “Love Worth Fighting For” marriage event last weekend, featuring Kirk Cameron and musician Warren Barfield.
  • These Olympic Games

    Let’s hear your thoughts on Sochi 2014. Who are you cheering for? What’s been your favorite moment so far?
  • Answer to the Cry of an Abandoned Son

    Most of my childhood and teenage years, I grew up without a father. My dad left our family a handful of times.
  • Created for Community

    There is victory in humility and strength in community. We don't have to go at life alone.
  • Your Turn: Being a Man is Worth Losing a Friend

    Real men go after the things they want, period.
  • Win His Heart: Episode 315

    Dating with technology and men in mind, plus John Mark Comer takes us back to Eden, and a listener wants advice on initiating a relationship with a college co-ed.
  • To Google or Not to Google?

    With all the opportunities to meet someone who is essentially a stranger comes the question: To Google or not to Google?
  • Five Ways to Get in the Gym and Stay There

    I vividly remember the day I decided I needed to get into the gym. I was a 23-year-old law student, and I had just come back from lunch at Taco Bell...
  • A Woman’s Take on Manliness: A Book Review

    Though Elisabeth Elliot originally published The Mark of a Man in 1981, it remains relevant. Men are still struggling with what it means to be men.
  • Ready for the Real World: It's Who You Know

    Here are some people you should definitely watch for in the workplace. When you find them, get to know them!
  • You Know You’re a Boundless Fan If…

    Even if you've listened to every episode of The Boundless Show, you're not a true Boundless fan until...
  • Is it Really Possible to 'Win His Heart'?

    I think winning his heart was less about fulfilling a checklist, and more about being the person God created me to be and allowing another person to be drawn to that.
  • Your Turn: A Single Girl's Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

    Within every woman is the desire to be loved, cherished and pursued — not for what she does but for who she is.
  • Dating in 2014: Episode 314

    A look at this year’s dating landscape, plus Clarence Shuler helps singles stop self-destructing, and a listener wonders if she’s “too spiritual” to date.
  • Battling Expectations for Marriage

    My fiance and I have realized that when we check our expectations at the door, making decisions together is much easier.
  • My Love/Hate Relationship With Social Media

    Confession: Sometimes I hate Facebook. Except when I love Facebook. Basically, I have a love/hate relationship with it.
  • Ready for the Real World: Take Action

    God's will is not that complicated. On the other hand, people and work are complicated. Sometimes the best way to find a fit is to jump in with both feet and evaluate later.
  • Godly Single Ladies: You Can Do Better Than This

    My wife and I have a single, female friend who recently sent me a text with a link. It said, "Joshua, I want your thoughts. I found this article true but extremely discouraging."
  • Engagement Stories: Nicole & Carl

    "There is something incredibly attractive when a man lets you know that he is getting ready for an adventurous life, that he would like you to fly across the country to see him, and that he is serious," Nicole says.
  • Do Doctrinal Differences in Marriage Matter?

    Some issues to think through — and talk through — before you commit to a life together.
  • Your Turn: The Tension of Transition

    I am on my third job this year and my fourth move. It has been hard; I am tired, but I am richer because of it.