• You Can't Afford to Date That Fixer-Upper

    If you've started looking closely at your significant other and realize that you're involved with a disastrous fixer-upper, know this: It's OK to walk away.
  • The Boundless Mixed Tape

    Remember back in the day, before Spotify and Pandora and even iTunes, when you made your friends or significant other a mixed tape or burned them a CD of your favorite songs?
  • Your Turn: We Want to See You Flourish

    God has created humanity to flourish.
  • Good Work: Episode 317

    Working with integrity and excellence, plus Carolyn McCulley on women in the workplace, and a question about a Christian response to astrology.
  • Love Worth Fighting For, Part 2

    Six important principles embedded in 1 Peter 3:7 for husbands to recognize and follow.
  • Closure After a Tough Breakup

    Recently, some Boundless readers have written in to tell us of the heartbreak they experienced after a breakup. I noticed that a few letters from guys had something in common.
  • Engagement Stories: Denise & Andrew

    Denise Morris, a past Boundless contributor, shares her story of long-distance dating, a surprise proposal and making plans for the future.
  • Your Turn: Did My Single 20s Have Purpose?

    Because of His Word, I know God was at work in my life while I was single, just as He is now that I’m married.
  • Will the Real You Please Stand Up?: Episode 316

    Balancing authenticity and holiness, plus Peter Hubbard dives deep to address same-sex attraction, and a listener wants to discern the marks of a true friend.
  • Early Marriage and Fatherhood an 'Alternative Lifestyle'?

    Being a young husband and father earns gold medalist David Wise the label of being "wildly uncool." But is that a bad thing?
  • Love Worth Fighting For, Part 1

    My fiancé and I attended the “Love Worth Fighting For” marriage event last weekend, featuring Kirk Cameron and musician Warren Barfield.
  • These Olympic Games

    Let’s hear your thoughts on Sochi 2014. Who are you cheering for? What’s been your favorite moment so far?
  • Answer to the Cry of an Abandoned Son

    Most of my childhood and teenage years, I grew up without a father. My dad left our family a handful of times.
  • Created for Community

    There is victory in humility and strength in community. We don't have to go at life alone.
  • Your Turn: Being a Man is Worth Losing a Friend

    Real men go after the things they want, period.
  • Win His Heart: Episode 315

    Dating with technology and men in mind, plus John Mark Comer takes us back to Eden, and a listener wants advice on initiating a relationship with a college co-ed.
  • To Google or Not to Google?

    With all the opportunities to meet someone who is essentially a stranger comes the question: To Google or not to Google?
  • Five Ways to Get in the Gym and Stay There

    I vividly remember the day I decided I needed to get into the gym. I was a 23-year-old law student, and I had just come back from lunch at Taco Bell...
  • A Woman’s Take on Manliness: A Book Review

    Though Elisabeth Elliot originally published The Mark of a Man in 1981, it remains relevant. Men are still struggling with what it means to be men.
  • Ready for the Real World: It's Who You Know

    Here are some people you should definitely watch for in the workplace. When you find them, get to know them!
  • You Know You’re a Boundless Fan If…

    Even if you've listened to every episode of The Boundless Show, you're not a true Boundless fan until...
  • Is it Really Possible to 'Win His Heart'?

    I think winning his heart was less about fulfilling a checklist, and more about being the person God created me to be and allowing another person to be drawn to that.
  • Your Turn: A Single Girl's Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

    Within every woman is the desire to be loved, cherished and pursued — not for what she does but for who she is.
  • Dating in 2014: Episode 314

    A look at this year’s dating landscape, plus Clarence Shuler helps singles stop self-destructing, and a listener wonders if she’s “too spiritual” to date.
  • Battling Expectations for Marriage

    My fiance and I have realized that when we check our expectations at the door, making decisions together is much easier.