Paul Harvey: So God Made a Farmer

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Paul Harvey: So God Made a Farmer

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Paul Harvey,?the late radio legend, shared the following essay at the 1978 National F.F.A. (Future Farmers of America) Convention. As we prepare our homes and tables for Thanksgiving, it’s always good to remember that the Lord uses many bright minds and talented hands to help keep the world warm and well fed (James 2:16). May God bless the farmer!

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  • Comment by  DFM:

    From one Iowa farmer and his wife, thanks for the post.  I can relate to what Paul Harvey said; I appreciate his kind words, and yours also.

  • Comment by  Cheryl :

    Great tribute to great people!     The definition of a farmer.......a man outstanding in his field.

  • Comment by  JoAnn B:

    There are many, many farm families who love the land the Lord has given them, so they are good stewards of the soil.  They love their fellow citizens and enjoy growing and providing food for them from the Lord's bounty.Thank you for this remembrance.

  • Comment by  Bruce C.:

    Oh how I miss the wit and wisdom of that man! This country needs more people like him to stand up and speak the truth.

  • Comment by   Pastor JCA:

    Paul    this is very true. The hard work of a Farmer, the long hours, all is done by Faith.Faith that one day a little plant is going to push up and bloom and become a Harvest.

    All is done by Faith, the Farmer  depends on God when he gets up every morning, and waits, and waits, and waits on Him to give birth to the seeds that where planted.

    We farm with different Farmers  and we know the hard task of Farming, but we also know  the Great God that we serve.

  • Wonderful blessed with wisdom

  • On the 8th day, God made a Farmer. Someone who would plow straight and deep and never cut corners and would need tools that don't either. Ram Trucks are the kind of tools farmers need. Check out their new commercial "Farmer" and help them raise money for National FFA Organization:

  • I find it sad somehow that this video has a 2 out of 5 rating, but yet a commercial spot for a pickup truck using the same concept with a few shots of their product is among the most popular Super Bowl ads this year.  Is anybody listening?

  • A great tribute to those of us who feed the world!