A Son's Reaction: "That is Really Weird!"

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A Son's Reaction: "That is Really Weird!"

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I promised to share an update with you regarding “the talk” I had with my son Trent over the weekend. Thanks to all of you who offered counsel and prayed for us. It was greatly appreciated!timemagsexed1.jpg
In short, the conversation went very well. I decided to organize it into three sections:
1. God’s design for marriage
2. God’s design for human sexuality
3. The practical application of sections 1 and 2.
I was extremely pleased with how well and warmly Trent received and connected with the discussion about God’s view of marriage and sexuality. In fact, there was a quick and deep response to many of the high points, mainly that God intends marriage to be permanent and between just one man and one woman.
“If you believe in God and love Him,” Trent said, “why wouldn’t you want to follow God’s design for you?”
Don’t you just love and appreciate the profound perspective that clean and uncluttered minds bring to such significant issues – matters that as a culture just can’t seem to get right?
We then turned the corner and began to discuss the mechanics of sex and how things physically work between a man and a woman. Trent has a scientific mind, and I could see the wheels turning. I talked about how in nature seeds are sown and give root to new life. I then took the analogy a little further to animals and finally, to people.leman.bmp
As I made my way through it, Trent remained somewhat stoic. I could tell that he was taking it all in and processing the information. For awhile he didn’t say a word. Finally, he offered his assessment:
“That is weird,” he said. “That is really weird!”
He repeated that phrase several times.
I have to admit that I’m relieved to have passed this milestone and know the experience with Troy will be different if for no other reason than Troy has a different temperament than his older brother.
But I thank the Lord that I have sons to love and to raise and talk with about God’s perfect plan - for a world full of imperfect people.
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  • Comment by  Brenda W:

    Thanks for posting the results.  Made me smile!  We live on a dairy farm and have 5 sons at home yet.  In the past talking to our older children and explaining the "education", we were able to use our cows, breeding etc. as analogies.  We need to now talk to our younger ones and it may prove to be quite interesting!  Once, one of our sons witnessed the breeder coming to AI one of the cows.  Of course, he used a glove.  We later got in a conversation about having bulls on the farm and allowing them to do the breeding.  One son had a question, "does the bull wear a glove?". 

  • Comment by  Mony:

    I so LOVE how you aren't taking anything about raising your boys for granted. Even the "hard stuff". Not enough dads see the honor and privilege. God is indeed in the details. No matter how weird.  : )

  • Comment by  jminnesota:

    with so many teens having sex and having kids of there own i feel its so important for parents to sit and talk with there kids about sex early 8 9 10 years old its never to early. i happen to see a 13 year old girl pregnent and its sad. if we teach our kids that sex is wonderful between a man and women after they marry eachother hopefully they will wait til they are marrried also

  • Comment by  Elaine:

    Thanks Jim for being such a great example of a dad who cares enough for his son that he's willing to talk about something that's difficult, and sometimes "weird."

  • Comment by  jminnesota:

    with magazines and tv shows today kids are bombarded by sexual advice and sex most are not what god would want for sure so its important for parents to talk to there kids often and let them understand and know how god views sex and the beautiful of sex when you are married to someone.