A Brave 52-Second Valedictory Speech

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A Brave 52-Second Valedictory Speech

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  • --And if someone at that public assembly had led a prayer addressed to the Blessed Virgin  Mother? Allah? Gnesha? Lord Satan? We have a social contract that says that we don't do that sort of thing to other people. We respect each others religion and we don't put people into uncomfortable positions with prayers at public gatherings--unless the public gathering is about prayer but that's called public worship and different rules apply. What this young man did was make use of his privileged position to violate that contract. There was an agreement, likely it was put in plain words by the school. He could speak to the assembled people but there were certain things that he couldn't say because they would make certain people uncomfortable. He agreed to the terms and then did not live up to them. This is not the mark of a good and honest person. And if we think that he is brave and noble then we think that Christianity is special and doesn't have to live by the rules that apply to other religions. And that leads us down a very ugly path.

  • --Praise God!!!! I am so proud of this young man.  He stood up for his beliefs and I am very proud as im sure his parents are also.  Amen

  • --@Nemo, I made your very point in a conversation about this video last night. It would be one thing if the superintendent had said "You must start off your speech by renouncing Christ and your American citizenship" or something. He would have been right to refuse to do such a thing. But in a situation where your speech has to be approved, by submitting his text and having it okay-ed, then turning around and saying something completely different, that is totally dishonest and he is showing that his word and his testimony are worthless. We expect things like that from rock singers (Jim Morrison/the Doors on Ed Sullivan, anyone?), but not from young people who purport to represent Christ followers. Not brave...rather, shameful.

  • --@BigPoppa, if the kid were really brave and honest then he would have told them upfront that his religion requires him to lead a prayer whenever addressing a crowd.

  • --"And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites; for love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by men."