VIDEO: Touching Father's Day Commercial "Power of Dad"

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VIDEO: Touching Father's Day Commercial "Power of Dad"

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Fire Update:  Thanks so much for all your prayers and calls of concern. Our family is still evacuated from the Black Forest fire zone, along with over 40,000 of our neighbors. The sobering news of two deaths within the fire zone hit hard yesterday. At least 379 homes have been lost. Please join me in continuing to pray foreveryone involved in this massive fight and for all those who have lost their houses.


On a much ligher and upbeat note, before we head into this Father’s Day weekend, I want to share a sweet tribute video with you. The company Oral-B draws from real-life footage of dads doing what they do best: loving their babies, playing with their kids, and celebrating milestones in their children’s lives. I hope you enjoy watching.


And to all my fellow dads out there – Happy Father’s Day!



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  • --Get to see my kids tomorrow yeah for the first time in about a month.  yeah ... Praise Jesus

  • --Jim: I will lift your community in prayer, and ask the Lord to place a hedge of protection around your family's home.