The Super Bowl’s Top 5 Most Family-Friendly Ads

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The Super Bowl’s Top 5 Most Family-Friendly Ads

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As I mentioned in Friday’s post, the team here at Focus thought it would be fun to create a countdown of the night’s most family-friendly ads. After all, we love to celebrate all things that elevate family – even commercials!

It was also nice for us, as Broncos fans, to find a source of distraction as the contest deteriorated on the field. Nevertheless, a big “congratulations!” to all you Seahawks fans out there – it was a well-earned win.

For this list of advertisements, though, we wanted to highlight commercials that were both safe for younger eyes and that elevated families, friendship and the values that hold both together – like love and loyalty. Our choices do not represent an endorsement or approval of the company or its products.

Here’s our list:

Fifth place:

Budweiser’s “A Hero’s Welcome” spot was heartwarming. It conveyed love, loyalty and a sense of community. Focus on the Family is located in Colorado Springs, a military town that provides a lot of help and support to our military families. It was good to see an ad that honored our troops.


Fourth place:

What we liked about Hyundai’s “Dad’s Sixth Sense” commercial was that it showed a dad who took pains to take good care of his son through the years. It’s great to see an involved father doing an admirable job at parenting – and I’m sure plenty of us dads can identify with those “near misses” as we raise our kids.


Third place:

Microsoft’s “Empowering” is on our list for a variety of reasons. First, the ad highlights the beauty of relationships and human connections. Secondly, by showing people with disabilities in a positive way, it spreads the message that every human life matters. Finally, we liked the message of people using their gifts and talents to improve humanity. Here at Focus, we’ve seen firsthand how God can use technology to bring people together for his glory, so that’s a message we can applaud.


Second place:

Chevy’s “Life” ad honored cancer survivors and those who support them on their road to recovery by showing a committed married couple. It was a simple, but powerful, commercial – and one that I’m sure many couples can identify with. We’re glad Chevrolet chose to affirm the beauty of marriage and commitment with their ad. 


And finally, in first place, our pick for the “Most Family-Friendly Super Bowl Ad” goes to:

The Cheerios “Gracie” commercial. I had blogged about the original commercial featuring this family. Both ads show a mom and dad who love their sweet and spunky little girl. Their daughter enjoys a close relationship with her parents. They’re about to welcome a new member into their family. You can’t help but smile when you see themes like that.


As far as honorable mentions go, our team thought that the Budweiser “Puppy Lovead deserved recognition for its commercial highlighting the power of friendship. Heinz Ketchup’s “Hum” commercial also gets a nod for its portrayal of families and friends spending time together, helping each other and creating memories – all things that help make families thrive.

I'd be remiss in not mentioning that we thoroughly enjoyed Tim Tebow's spots for T-Mobile. Self-deprecating and humorous, Tim delivered. Seeing him back in the line-up of Super Bowl commercials brought back a lot of good memories for us. As you might recall, Tim and his mom, Pam, appeared in a Super Bowl spot for Focus back in 2010. Over the weekend we spoke with the Tebows and they were excited for us to highlight the story behind the heartwarming ad that affirmed their decision to ignore the doctor's recommendation and carry their little baby to term. Their story can be seen on our website.

I’m curious to know what you think of our picks. Do you agree with our choices? Did we miss any commercials you enjoyed? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • -- All the heart warming ones but you missed the Toyota Highlander with Terry Crews and the Muppets. I would think that of all the family friendly commercials the kids would have loved this one the best. I loved it!

  • -- interesting choices you are praising an ad from a beer co and general mills which opposed the marriage amendment in MN.

  • --No love for the multilingual Coke ad?

  • --@AAnderson, Gay people have families too, so that wouldn't make them anti-family. It's just that their support of families includes families of which you do not approve.

  • --@Zoltan, Apparently, only the English speaking parts of the USA are beautiful to some.

  • --AAnderson -- Praiseworthy things come from every corner of society.  (Likewise objectionable things.)  The list of ads is focused on the items, not the sources.  Positive things should be lauded!  I think it's a great list.

  • --Must admit my favorite was the Clydesdale ppony and the golden lab puppy. My heart melted. The accompanying song is still in my head...

  • --@AAnderson, I struggled with this choice because of its connnection to Anheuser-Busch. Thankfully, their logo only appears for the last two seconds. The question was, "your favorite ad that was kid and family-friendly." Alcohol will never be family-friendly. But the pony and the puppy certainly were, and our kids will, we hope, be focused more on that than the closing 2 seconds. How much better than the "Go-Daddy" ads of the past and scantily clad young women for the full 30 seconds.

  • --I liked he Heinz commercial - simple cute and human.  Reminds of of the old days when family-friendly was cool!

  • --My personal favorite was the Duracell commercial with Derrick Coleman.   He tells his story of overcoming deafness and negative feedback from others by continuing to persevere and making it to the SuperBowl!

  • --I did not watch the Super Bowl but I walked by when the Toyota /Muppets commercial aired. I thought it was very Family oriented. But watching your picks was endearing to me. They all spoke of commitment and love which just mirrors God's love and commitment to us. Oh, how He loves us!

  • --@ Jack - not sure why you are so sensitive.  AAnderson didn't appear to DOWN FAMILIES, just the misappropriation of an appropriate relationship in MN.  Technically families are to be SUBSEQUENT to the pre-defined appropriate relationship, but we do understand this isn't always the case.

  • --@acts4him, You've crossed the line from bad manners and bad theology to bigotry. It is a short hop from denying that gay people can form families to denying that they are human beings and denying them basic human rights. Why, just recently Russia jailed a school girl for telling her classmates that she is gay.

  • --@ Jack > Guess I need you to teach me about manners and theology then.  Neither were addressed in my post as I wrote and understand it, being turned to a BLATANTLY POLITICAL conversation by you extrapolating common sense into an evidently emotional context for you. Since this isn't the place for such a conversation, I'm bowing out.