Movie Monday: Evil Dead

Movie Monday: Evil Dead

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 We must open the book.

It's frightening, I know. Its pages likely hold profane secrets—secrets so terrible that we hesitate to mention them. And yet, because it's Monday, we must. We must crack open the cover and peer deeply into this ominous tome, steeling ourselves for the horrific truths found therein.

Yes, it's time to crack open the official accounting ledger for the weekend's box office, count the receipts and discover that … yes, just as I feared. Evil Dead reigns supreme.

The diabolical offspring of 1981's cult classic The Evil Dead, this horror flick raced to the top o' the charts with all the alacrity of a demon-driven ankle-level camera. It hacked and stabbed and chainsawed its way to an estimated $26 million—more than the original and its two sequels (1987's Evil Dead 2 and 1993's Army of Darkness) earned during their combined theatrical runs. I can't be sure, but I imagine that Evil Dead's possession of the No. 1 slot this week leaves the execs at Sony Pictures cackling with fearsome glee.

Evil Dead's cadre of demons obscured a spirited battle for second place between G.I. Joe: Retaliation and that crazy caveman clan of The Croods. G.I. Joe was last week's champ, but the actioner lost nearly 50% of its audience, bringing its estimated total to $21.1 million. Meanwhile The Croods, in its third week of release, lost a very meager 21% of its box-office, likewise sinking to an estimated $21.1 million. Check back this afternoon, when we'll hopefully know who won the weekend's silver medal.

Speaking of old holdovers, the 20-year-old Jurassic Park chased down and swallowed a whopping $18.2 million in its 3-D re-release—not too shabby for a flick practically encased in amber. Clearly, Steven Spielberg's cautionary dino-tale ain't extinct yet.

Olympus Has Fallen rounds out the Top 5 with a $10 million weekend.

Final figures update: 1. Evil Dead, $25.8 million; 2. G.I. Joe: Retaliation, $20.9 million; 3. The Croods, $20.7 million; 4. Jurassic Park, $18.6 million; 5. Olympus Has Fallen, $10.2 million. 

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  • Man, we are in a movie drought! I could use a GOOD action flick.

  • ^ so true, things have been pretty pathetic lately

  • Really liked "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" and can't figure out why it has been largely hated on by critics and viewers alike, so I am glad it is still holding on in the box office. I'll probably catch "Jurassic Park 3D" at some point but I am not all that eager and wouldn't be crushed if I didn't see it at all, honestly (to enthusiastically pay to see a re-release of a movie it would have to be one of my personal favorites, and JP is more like a basic 'good' for me, even though I concede it's historic cinematic accomplishments).

    Other than that, the box office race isn't wowing me at all. I don't plan on seeing "Olympus Has Fallen", let alone "The Croods" or "Evil Dead", and I am rooting against them, rather than for them, so hearing that they are pulling significant numbers isn't exactly the greatest report.

    When May rolls around I think we can officially get more excited. "Iron Man 3", "Star Trek Into Darkness", "Fast & Furious 6"? I'm in! And that's just in one month! The following months promise more greats, but we'll get to that. :-)

  • @AWeaver

    *Gasp* ROOTING AGAINST THE CROODS?!? I am shocked and chagrined, mortified and stupefied!

    I don't actually have a horse in this race. I just felt like being overly dramatic in a Seinfeldian, font-size-centric fashion.

    But I am curious as to why you are "rooting against" The Croods? It seem to be innocuous and not particularly interested in stirring up ire among the viewing public, so I am curious to know if there is any particular reason it has earned your disdain.

  • @AWeaver

    I totally agree with you. May cannot get here soon enough, i'm really excited!

  • I need to see Jurassic Park. I love that movie -- and I never got to see it on the big screen as a kid.

  • I hope this doesn't tar and feather me, but I actually liked Army of Darkness and was sad that they decided to remake Evil Dead.